Heart song speaks to us all


When Anne steps into the room, I know that a very special experience awaits me.
Her energy and big smile attract the attention of the whole room. I lie down, relaxed and with my eyes closed, waiting for what will happen. Then I hear Anne's fine voice and the sounds that take me away from the room and into another world. The different songs and sounds make my journey colourful and constantly changing. I feel a great peace inside and a strong feeling that where I am is a good place. Anne takes me to a place where I want to be. When the session ends, I am in a pure ‘yummi’ place. That energy, that feeling is so strong that I can still recall the session and find peace inside again. I'm not done with Anne and Heartsongs at all. I've only just started. She's a powerhouse.
Loving greetings,

Jane Vanting Davidsen

‘Anne Ryom has the energy and charisma of a firebrand, and it draws you in and inspires you. At the same time, Anne has a warm heart, and she’s loving, compassionate, and accommodating. Anne’s insight into people and life shines through when she sings and plays. Her tone is moving, present, confident, and crystal clear. She touches your heart—or your soul, if you will—with ease and elegance. Heart Songs by Anne is an aesthetic and healing experience that you’ll never forget. Anne guides her audience through a beautiful universe of highs and lows, and you lean into it naturally. Give yourself and the people you love the beautiful experience of hearing Anne sing and play. It resonates so deeply in your cells that it’s hard to put into words. You NEED to experience it. Anne Ryom is a musical talent unlike any other. Nothing but the warmest recommendation from me.’

Inge Østergaard

MA Pedagogical Philosophy and certified coach, Protreptiker

‘Anne’s magical hear songs created comfortable vibrations in my body, and it went even deeper when she combined my sound with her voice. A healing sense of peace and calm spread from my heart and into my entire body. It was an incredibly beautiful and healing experience.’

Evie Isolde Sommer

founder of Evie Isolde Academy

‘I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Anne’s song and music. It was magical and beautiful, and it gave me the most incredible calm and sense of well-being. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Anne for concerts and more intimate experiences, privately or professionally.’

Helena Henriete Lemonidis

owner and creative director of Create Cph

‘It’s been such a pleasure to experience Heart Songs by Anne. It’s so interesting to hear a singing sound healer from a different tradition than my own who does the job so beautifully. Anne plays the most beautiful instruments and notes, and with its low notes, her incredible voice plants itself in the root chakra while the high notes really move your heart. It’s a magical, creative, guided, meditative experience, and you feel like you’re being held in a safe space. You can really feel Anne’s expertise and competent facilitation. It’s the music of the angels!’

Karmel Perran

sound healer, therapist, and owner of
Divine Sound Journeys

The concert was an absolutely fantastic experience that did something good for body and soul - your pulse drop, and your brain relax while you take ‘a musical shower’. It was touching, and when the music stops, you don't want to go back to "noise".

Birgit Rasmussen

The concert was an intense experience, where the song and the sound entered cleanly and connected me with my body. I let go of all thoughts and was just present. Afterwards I felt completely at peace. Thank you very much.

Tove Rosenkrantz

Your intuitive singing is very powerful and smoothening at the same time. I just love listening to the vibrations. Just wanted to thank you and your musicians. You are a great team and showcased it so well.

Mallory Green

‘There’s a roar inside my body, and I get waves of nausea, a weight on my chest and in my head, and I get out of breath easily. Until I listen to your heart songs. They make me feel like I’m being cleansed, held, and supported with light and love. They make me feel like everything will be okay. When I listened to your wonderful voice, I didn’t feel sick in any way. My thoughts and my body were taken to a much better place. Thank you!’

Anna Steinmüller

‘On top of Anne being very present, it’s clear to see that the stories, sounds, and songs create well-being and balance for the listener. It’s like Anne’s voice gently wraps itself around you.’

Ida Jørgensen

Managing Director Vilvorde Kursuscenter

I was quite skeptical to start with because my brain is quite square. However, I must admit that Anne's beautiful voice touched something deep inside me that normally cannot be reached - and that in itself was a big eye-opener. I enjoyed it all and got in touch with myself in a whole new and deeper way.

Winnie Linnet

mother of a child with cancer

Anne has a special ability to "connect with her audience" through songs and storytelling. Her voice goes straight into your heart and creates a deep relaxation in body and mind.

Jørn Nørtoft

manager and owner of Copenhagen Yoga

‘I’ve struggled with stress and depression, but the first time Anne sang and played the singing bowls, it made me relax completely. I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed in the past 10 years. I can feel that it physically and mentally balances my mind and body.’

Heidi Mogensen

‘I highly recommend Heart Songs by Anne. Anne’s songs are nothing short of enchanting.’

Henriette Lafontaine

‘Your voice does something truly special. Even though I’ve learnt about mindfulness and breath therapy at Rigshospitalet, I have to say, your approach was the most efficient one I’ve experienced to date.’

Christina Sommerdal

‘Anne is a highly competent song therapist and communicator. The feedback was so positive and life-affirming that we’ve already booked Anne for another course for the members of Tidslerne.’

Mia Kamla Bluhm

Course Director at Tidslerne Patient Association

Let me move your heart.

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