My voice as a tool

When you meet me, you’ll realise that something happens when I use my voice and sing my heart songs. You’ll start listening with your heart. Your heart is the most intelligent muscle in your entire body. And I believe it’s home to a third ear.

When I sing, you’ll find yourself growing calmer. Your breath will deepen, and you’ll find a sense of rest within yourself. Lots of good things happen when your mind calms down and you sink into your body. Oxygenation of your cells improves, your immune system is boosted, and endorphins and oxytocin course through your body. That’s because singing has a natural healing effect on your well-being, mind, and body, and it helps us regain a sense of balance and restore our energy.

All my heart songs are very simple in terms of their lyrics. Some are designed for you to sing along, like a mantra or an intention you set for yourself through the medium of peaceful song. Others are like loving storytelling with a positive message. The songs are never complicated but simple and refined in their construction.

My songs are intuitive or light language—songs that come to me as I sing the notes. It’s not a recognisable language, but it resonates within us because the sound and the mood take centre stage as a direct result of the lack of recognisable words. When you can’t interpret or perceive the words, you’ll find it easier to slip into a loving frequency. It’s like being bathed in light and in song, like a mother singing her child a lullaby.

In other words, when I sing, I hold you in sound. The magic arises when you allow yourself to feel the atmosphere. It renews your energy because positive vibrations wash over and through you.

Your voice as a tool

The vibrations get even stronger when you use your own voice to create sound. Humans are up to 75% water, and when the frequency resonates with the liquid within us, it’s like an internal massage. The vibration helps you release your physical and mental tension. It creates a sense of clarity and calm, and it renews your energy. It’s not unusual for someone experiencing pain to notice that the body releases it.

Humming is a great way to give yourself an internal massage. As your voice box works, vibrations take root in your body. You give your well-being a boost by sending waves of sound through your body. Of course, I guide you through, safely and lovingly, whether it’s at a workshop, concert, or conference or as you explore the videos in the Heart Songs Library.

The rewards are even more impactful when you contribute and hum along yourself because you’re using your voice as a tool for healing. It’s not about sounding good. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer or not. What matters is letting your body benefit from the vibrations of your voice because they have a positive effect.

Accompanied by the most wonderful instruments

Of course, my most important instrument is my voice. But I also use other instruments with a calming effect. An example is my monolina, which is always by my side. It’s a string instrument that creates overtones as I play it. When I move my fingers across the strings, the instrument ‘sings’. The simplicity is magical, and the monolina has a balancing effect, like a harp except much simpler. So, I’m often accompanied by my monolina because it finds your heart frequency and fosters a sense of calm and peace. Aside from the monolina, I play the guitar, the shrutti, which is an Indian instrument, and the Appalachian dulcimer.

For sound meditations, I use Tibetan singing bowls because they create the most amazing tones. The bowls sing at different frequencies, which helps amplify the vibrations and soundwaves in your body, making the heart song and sound back all the more effective.

As a member of the Heart Songs Library, you can enjoy and experience heart and light songs accompanied by my wonderful instruments whenever you want.

The breath is everything

and I teach you how to use it

‘Drawing in a breath is drawing in life.’ That’s what my mentor once told me, and it’s stuck with me ever since! Taking a proper deep breath boosts your well-being. The sound you sing or hum depends on the breath too. Producing sound requires air, and the process releases toxins, stress hormones, and other imbalances that have built up in your body and mind.

As a member of the Heart Songs Library, I teach you that—and so much more.

Curious about the woman behind Heart Songs?


Heart song speaks to us all

according to those who have heard and experienced it


‘Anne Ryom has the energy and charisma of a firebrand, and it draws you in and inspires you. At the same time, Anne has a warm heart, and she’s loving, compassionate, and accommodating. Anne’s insight into people and life shines through when she sings and plays. Her tone is moving, present, confident, and crystal clear. She touches your heart—or your soul, if you will—with ease and elegance. Heart Songs by Anne is an aesthetic and healing experience that you’ll never forget. Anne guides her audience through a beautiful universe of highs and lows, and you lean into it naturally. Give yourself and the people you love the beautiful experience of hearing Anne sing and play. It resonates so deeply in your cells that it’s hard to put into words. You NEED to experience it. Anne Ryom is a musical talent unlike any other. Nothing but the warmest recommendation from me.’

Inge Østergaard

MA Pedagogical Philosophy and certified coach, Protreptiker


‘I’ve struggled with stress and depression, but the first time Anne sang and played the singing bowls, it made me relax completely. I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed in the past 10 years. I can feel that it physically and mentally balances my mind and body.’

Heidi Mogensen

Let me move your heart.

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