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Join me, and get unlimited heart song, intuitive song, and sound meditation

I created the Heart Songs Library to help you nurture harmony, intimacy, calm, and balance in your mind and body. Look forward to replenished energy with heart song. It’s a health boost that puts you back in touch with yourself and brings you out of your head and into your body.

The Heart Songs Library features 100+ audio and video files for you to listen to and experience whenever it works for you. I regularly upload new content, and the library changes as new heart songs, live, and training videos become available. My heart songs are only available to you and other members of the Heart Songs Library.

I look forward to joining you through heart song. Enjoy the tones, vibrations, and music as they wrap themselves around your mind and body!

What to look forward to

The Heart Songs Library is home to:

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Commitment free! You should join the Heart Songs Library because it makes sense to you. But fair ‘warning’: most people end up staying because they can’t do without it!

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The creator of the
Heart Songs Library

Meet the singer, song therapist, and
stress coach Anne Ryom

My name is Anne Ryom, and it’s me and my voice that you’ll be hearing as a member of the Heart Songs Library. My mission is to create a sense of calm, peace, intimacy, and balance in your mind and body.

I want my songs to be an invitation for you to take a step back and check in with yourself. Our lives are busy and filled with to-do lists that make us all speed up. Heart song is a preventative measure to help you avoid unrest, stress, racing thoughts, bad sleep, etc. It’s a health boost that allows you to pause your brain and re-establish the connection with your body, voice, and breath. This frees up all the good hormones and endorphins and helps you let go of toxins, imbalances, and tensions you build up in your daily life—physically and mentally.

Heart song is universal. No matter where you’re from, you’ll feel the song and the music as it speaks to you. And it really does make a difference because singing has a healing, compassionate effect. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the most beautiful transformations, and I’m excited to see you prioritise yourself and your well-being! Thank you for being part of Heart Songs.

From my heart to yours,

Heart song speaks to us all



‘I’ve struggled with stress and depression, but the first time Anne sang and played the singing bowls, it made me relax completely. I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed in the past 10 years. I can feel that it physically and mentally balances my mind and body.’

Heidi Mogensen


‘There’s a roar inside my body, and I get waves of nausea, a weight on my chest and in my head, and I get out of breath easily. Until I listen to your heart songs. They make me feel like I’m being cleansed, held, and supported with light and love. They make me feel like everything will be okay. When I listened to your wonderful voice, I didn’t feel sick in any way. My thoughts and my body were taken to a much better place. Thank you!’

Anna Steinmüller

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