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Get in touch if you want to book me for a concert, workshop, seminar, or lecture at your business or organisation. You’re also welcome to reach out if you’re a group of people who would like to hear my heart songs privately or if you’re interested in bringing me on board as a guest instructor or lecturer at a retreat, seminar, conference, and so on.

The initial conversation is very important to me as I tailor the experience to match and resonate with the people listening. The magic comes from being together and sharing the moment.

If you have any questions about my heart songs or the Heart Songs Library, you’re also more than welcome to get in touch.

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Please know that I do everything in my power to get back to you as quickly as possible, and I’m beyond grateful to you for reaching out. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Love Anne

Heart Songs Library

Listen to heart song, and boost your well-being

I created the Heart Songs Library to help you restore harmony, intimacy, calm, and balance to your mind and body in your own time. Look forward to calming your body and restoring your energy through heart song. The library is home to 100+ audio and video files. I add new content regularly, and the library changes whenever new heart songs, live videos, and tutorials are added.

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You’ll hear from me once or twice a month—or when there’s something that I just can’t wait to share with you. There will be tips and advice for breathing properly or guides to healing yourself with humming. Short exercises that I pass on to your because they inspire calm and have a positive impact on your mind and body. Once in a while, you’ll receive a video with healing images and sound or one of my latest recordings, so that you can find a sense of peace in your silent moments. You’ll be the first to know about upcoming concerts and retreats, and if I’m performing voice art on an opening night somewhere, you can count on an invitation.

I hope you want to stay up to date!

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Heart song speaks to us all

according to those who have heard and experienced it


‘Anne’s magical hear songs created comfortable vibrations in my body, and it went even deeper when she combined my sound with her voice. A healing sense of peace and calm spread from my heart and into my entire body. It was an incredibly beautiful and healing experience.’

Evie Isolde Sommer

founder of Evie Isolde Academy


‘I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Anne’s song and music. It was magical and beautiful, and it gave me the most incredible calm and sense of well-being. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Anne for concerts and more intimate experiences, privately or professionally.’

Helena Henriete Lemonidis

owner and creative director of Create Cph

Let me move your heart.

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Du vil høre fra mig en gang eller to om måneden, eller når jeg har noget på hjertet. Du får tips og gode råd til hvordan du trækker vejret rigtigt og kommer i gang med at lydheale dig selv.