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Heart Songs by Anne Ryom

A very warm welcome!

My name is Anne Ryom, and I’m a singer, song therapist, and stress coach. And I’m the woman behind Heart Songs.

My mission is simple: I want to help you—and others—get to a better place in life. My goal is to help you achieve a sense of calm and clarity, so that you can feel yourself all the way inside your heart. It’s an important tool to avoid stress, racing thoughts, a bad night’s sleep, and anxiety.

Heart song boosts your mind and body. I came up with the term myself, but the method isn’t new. Song, sound, and music are universal languages. The tones have their own language and speak in a voice that we all understand and feel, no matter where we’re from or our background. When you listen, the song speaks to you because each note and tone wraps itself around you. The frequency of the song reaches out to your body, heartbeat, and the liquid inside you. Heart song is like being bathed in a loving sound meditation, and it creates a balance and inner harmony that’s hard to be without once you’ve tried it.

Thank you for finding your way here!

Love Anne

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Treat your employees to heart song, and give them the tools to calm their minds and bodies, even when they’re under pressure and have deadlines to meet. The healing vibrations of heart songs strengthen your physical and mental health and prevent stress in your employees, who need to thrive for your business to be successful.

I host concerts, sound baths, and voice art, all of which are enjoyable experiences where the listener gets to release their thoughts and unrest in favour of physical and mental intimacy and well-being. The shape and contents of each event are tailored to your needs and the atmosphere I sense in the room. Get in touch to tell me about your thoughts and wishes. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Take a break from the tasks demanding your attention. Heal and recharge your mind and body with heart songs, music, and mindfulness. Heart Songs Library is home to 100+ audio and video files that you can listen to as you see fit. New content is uploaded regularly,
so the library is always changing.

As a member, you have unlimited access to heart song, intuitive song, and sound meditations. You also have access to simple tutorials where I teach you everything from humming and heart song to settling into a deep breath free from tension.

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Heart song speaks to us all

according to those who have heard and experienced it


When Anne steps into the room, I know that a very special experience awaits me.
Her energy and big smile attract the attention of the whole room. I lie down, relaxed and with my eyes closed, waiting for what will happen. Then I hear Anne's fine voice and the sounds that take me away from the room and into another world. The different songs and sounds make my journey colourful and constantly changing. I feel a great peace inside and a strong feeling that where I am is a good place. Anne takes me to a place where I want to be. When the session ends, I am in a pure ‘yummi’ place. That energy, that feeling is so strong that I can still recall the session and find peace inside again. I'm not done with Anne and Heartsongs at all. I've only just started. She's a powerhouse.
Loving greetings,

Jane Vanting Davidsen


‘Anne Ryom has the energy and charisma of a firebrand, and it draws you in and inspires you. At the same time, Anne has a warm heart, and she’s loving, compassionate, and accommodating. Anne’s insight into people and life shines through when she sings and plays. Her tone is moving, present, confident, and crystal clear. She touches your heart—or your soul, if you will—with ease and elegance. Heart Songs by Anne is an aesthetic and healing experience that you’ll never forget. Anne guides her audience through a beautiful universe of highs and lows, and you lean into it naturally. Give yourself and the people you love the beautiful experience of hearing Anne sing and play. It resonates so deeply in your cells that it’s hard to put into words. You NEED to experience it. Anne Ryom is a musical talent unlike any other. Nothing but the warmest recommendation from me.’

Inge Østergaard

MA Pedagogical Philosophy and certified coach, Protreptiker

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